Delma MSS Limited
Mobile Communications Security
Cell surveying an area provides a full Cell Tower footprint. These footprints can be used to determine which network provider is dominate within that area. Delma uses its sophisticated Surveying Tools to aid clients with performing these tasks.
Cell Site Surveying
Mobile Network Forensics
Using Delma's Mobile Forensic system, network data can be collated and compared against Call Data Records (CDR) to confirm the likely location of a suspect during a crime. Delma can provide the analysis as well as expert reports and testimonials to aid a criminal investigation.
Counter-Surveillance Security
Do you suspect you are being hacked? Is your mobile network unstable? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, then Delma is here to help. Utilising nearly ten years of counter-surveillance experience, Delma can detect and locate rogue base stations or networks operational within an area.
Custom Tracking Solutions
Delma provides sophisticated tracking services across an array of technologies including Bluetooth, GPS and GSM to name but a few.
Delma offers a wide range of training on Cell Site Surveying, Mobile Network Forensics, Counter-Surveillance Protocols and many other specialist areas.