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Delma MSS Ltd is a leading supplier of mobile communications security solutions and tracking and locating systems.


Delma both secures and leverages mobile networks and satcoms. Based on innovative core technologies developed in-house, a series of hardware and software solutions are productised to deliver market-focused, customer-centric solutions.

Applications are as diverse as the resolution of high profile international criminal cases, the securing of mobile networks in the vicinity of Government buildings or the locating of a vulnerable elderly person who has strayed from a care centre.

Whatever the application, the same structured product marketing approach, from concept through R&D and production to ultimate product retiral, is used. 

Mobile communications are used in almost all aspects of human activity and, unfortunately, criminality. Mobile phones and devices are vulnerable. The need for security has never been greater.


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Delma acknowledges that the cost of the best technologies can be prohibitive and so, in some cases, managed services and annualised software licensing can be accommodated.


Mobile communications technologies undergo frequent change. Applications which rely on them must also change. Delma has a formal roadmap and structured R&D. At all times, partners and customers are encouraged to take out annual support to maximise their return on investment and maintain system longevity.